Commure and UnHealthcare : A Manifesto for Health Assurance

NEWS Jul 22, 2020

By Brent Dover, CEO of Commure

Healthcare is a sector that is notoriously slow to change. While digital transformation has swept over industries as diverse as finance and entertainment, healthcare software has not meaningfully modernized, despite billions of dollars of investment in IT infrastructure.


Some of this is by design -- doctors won’t adopt new procedures and treatments until there’s strong evidence that doing so will help their patients. But in other cases, and particularly in health software, innovation has been slowed by a convoluted regulatory and reimbursement environment, counterintuitive business incentives, and IT systems that have not evolved much from the Windows95 era.

Commure is lucky to be part of a wider group of companies working to change that and move the US healthcare system toward a new model of care. This model should deliver a healthcare experience that is more affordable and price transparent and drives better outcomes

This month, Commure Co-Founder Hemant Taneja and Thomas Jefferson University CEO Stephen Klasko, together with writer Kevin Maney, published UnHealthcare, a new book and manifesto for a new model of care they call Health Assurance.

As Hemant wrote:

Health assurance companies will begin the important job of closing the gap in access to and quality of care. Technologies like telehealth consultations, connected devices, and AI-driven chat interactions, will help extend the reach of medical professionals, especially in underserved areas and in high-demand specializations. Ultimately, the health assurance model should deliver a healthcare experience that is more affordable and price transparent and drives better outcomes.

Commure will play a large and vital role in this new system. Commure is building a federation of data sources for healthcare systems across medical, financial, operational, and third-party applications like Livongo, Color, and Ro.

This will let care teams  -- the doctors, nurses, and health technicians who are dedicated to helping the patients they see -- design their own  workflows to reduce the amount of time they spend logging their activity and give them more time with the patients they see.

Commure is proud to sponsor UnHealthcare. All proceeds from the book will go to the Commure Opportunity Foundation, which supports programs for improving physician wellbeing and work satisfaction, increasing the amount of time physicians can spend with their patients and addressing physician burnout. Already in 2020, the Foundation has donated generously to several of Commure’s partner hospitals to support their COVID-19 response.

We share Hemant's and Steve's vision of a health assurance future, and we are proud to partner with Thomas Jefferson University and other health systems that are working toward making it a reality.

The book is available for purchase here. If you would like to learn more about how Commure is working to bring this new Health Assurance future about, please get in touch.

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